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Hello, I'm a work at home mom. My name is Michelle. I live in a small town in Australia with my family, our galah, George and assorted goldfish.

I am an escapee from the rat race of small retail business – namely floristry.

Having become totally exhausted and suffering with RSI injuries from working too many years without a break, I decided to look for a home business that would allow me to be a work at home mom.

Having already gone down the distasteful and humiliating road of network marketing, I knew I didn’t want anything like that. I was also tired of dealing with retail business, shopping center management and the hour long commute to work six and sometimes seven days a week.

So the search began for a work at home business with flexible hours.

When I look back at it now, I’m amazed at how quickly I found SiteSell.

I typed “home based business” into google and after sifting through, I think about a dozen “get rich quick”, “network marketing” and general rip-off advertisements, I found a site advertising Solo Build It.

With Solo Build It, I was able to research how it worked, what was involved, how much it cost, without having to fork out any money. That was already superior to any other work at home idea I had seen!

Past experience had made me very sceptical, so I did a lot of reading. The results page on their site was very persuasive. What convinced me to go further, was that even though I had no knowledge or experience with the internet or building websites, everything I was learning made sense to me.

I was more convinced that this was a legitimate way to make money from a home business, when I read a Reader’s Digest article that reinforced the same ideas that were being put forward by Solo Build It.

Funny coincidences happen, and I saw a couple of other stories in the media discussing the creation of multiple income streams through this kind of home business.

After a lot of discussion with my husband, I decided to go ahead and pay the $300USD yearly subscription fee and purchase Solo Build It.

The good news is “I’m very glad I did!” I realize now that I never would have had any success trying to do this kind of thing without the help, guidance and tools provided by the Solo Build It support team, let alone the costs associated with setting up a site, hosting, and all the added necessary extras that come as part of the Solo Build It deal.

Before I joined SiteSell , I looked into the cost of having a website built for me and the cheapest I could find was $1000AUD. SBI was starting to look like very good value for money. How many businesses can be started with such a small outlay?

I didn’t understand when I first looked at building a website, that you don’t actually have to sell anything to make money. All you need is an interesting hobby, or knowledge on a subject that interests enough people to bring a decent amount of traffic to your site. Traffic = Income.

Solo Build It helps you find a topic that a lot of visitors are searching for. The next step is to provide quality information. I never dreamed that so many people were typing in “crochet” every month. It was mind blowing!

Any problems or questions you have along the way are answered by a forum of SBI’ers who have already had success in this field.

So now I don't spend time and money traveling to and from work. I’m a stay home mom with a home business that doesn’t involve handling or storing stock, paying ridiculous rent, or long inflexible working hours. I’m in control.

Anyone can do this, why don’t you have a go!

Kind Regards


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