"Winter Crochet"

Winter crochet is a wonderful pastime. Create wonderful warm garments for yourself, family and friends at very little cost. Winter crocheting will keep you warm while you work.

There’s nothing as warm and comfortable as a pair of Crochet Slippers. Slip into them after a hot shower on a cool winter’s night and keep them on until you get up in the morning. Crochet Slippers provide warmth because the stitches used form a thick, dense fabric. Trebles or Tunisian [Afghan] stitch are very popular for this reason.

They can be constructed in one piece, similar to the lower portion of baby booties, or made up of several motifs joined together. The Crochet Slippers shown in the photograph above were made by joining four motifs together. They are drawn in at the ankle by a length of crocheted chain which is threaded through the spaces in two of the motifs.

All the projects shown here are easy to make and a very thoughtful gift, suitable for everyone from Grandfathers to two year olds. Decorate the front of children's slippers, and the tops of beanie hats with pompoms. Use up left over yarn to create something functional. Afghan rugs, picnic blankets, afghan bed rugs. are perfect for this.

For dressing up or dressing down, the lacy jacket shown above looks great over a dress, blouse and skirt, or with jeans.

A crocheted scarf or knitted scarf is a great accessory which will complement your winter outfit. Make one to match each of your favorite cardigans or crocheted hats, or try stripes so that you can mix and match your scarf with several different jumpers. Adorn your crocheted scarf or blue knitted scarf with an elegant brooch at the shoulder to hold them in place. The flower scarf shown above will dress up any outfit.

Crocheted shawls are very elegant and fashionable right now. A shawl is easy to throw on over a blouse or jumper if the weather turns out to be colder than you anticipated when you left home. The patterns and designs crocheted shawls can be worked in are many and varied, from triangular shapes with a decorative edge design as shown above, to a long rectangular design finished with tassels or fringing, or a romantic lace shawl as shown below.

These are just a few examples of winter crochet. I hope you enjoy making my free patterns available by clicking on the links above.

If you would like to learn how to crochet, my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book gives step by step instructions and photographs to make mastering this beautiful craft easy and enjoyable. More information on my e-book contents page. “HAPPY CROCHETING!”

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