"White Daisy Coin Purse"

My white daisy coin purse matches my afghan shoulder tote bag.

It is worked in one piece in afghan crochet stitch and embossed with a daisy flower motif.

This design may be attached to a belt or belt loop by a coin purse key chain. Simply thread a key ring through a corner stitch on the white daisy coin purse. Then attach key ring to coin purse key chain. It could be easily attached to the zipper on a pencil case too.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

White Daisy Coin Purse

Materials: 25g ball black 8ply synthetic yarn, 3.5mm afghan crochet hook, black Velcro, pins, sewing needle, and white thread.

Measurements: 8.5cm [3.25ins] wide, 7cm [2.75ins] high.

Stitches: Afghan stitch, Double crochet.

Tension: First 4 rows – 2cm [.75ins]

Begin by working 16ch.

Work 24 rows in afghan crochet stitch.

Cut a piece of Velcro 6cm [2.5ins] long, and position along edges of wrong side, so that when fabric is folded in the middle, the Velcro seals. Pin in place and machine sew.

Work a daisy flower motif, and sew onto work using a needle and white thread.

With wrong sides facing and beginning at edge to left of opening, crochet the two halves of your designer coin purse together with a round of dc worked through both edges.

When you reach the other edge of the opening, fasten off.

You may wish to monogram your initial onto your coin purse instead of the daisy flower motif.

For a different finish, try sequins or beading.

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