"Wedding Crochet"

Behind the glass doors of a china cabinet, a pair of white crocheted wedding bells linked together with white satin ribbon are displayed, along with a bouquet, pew bows, cake ornament, and favors basket.

These are treasured keepsakes, memories of a wedding that took place many years ago. The bells were a gift, handmade by a friend of the bride, who took the time to lovingly create this thoughtful gift especially for the most important day of her life. The mother of the bride crocheted the favors baskets, one for each guest, to hold the wrapped chocolates they each took home.

The ornament that adorned the top of the cake, that was baked by the bride’s cousin. All of these items are very special, not only because they are keepsakes, but because of the time and effort that friends and family took to make something personal and unique.

In today’s world it’s easy to say we don’t have time to make a gift or keepsake, that we are too busy or rushed for time. It is much easier to go to the store and buy something off the shelf.

Handcrafted wedding jewelry is unique in design and inexpensive to create.

Drawstring bags are often included as part of the bride's or her attendants outfits. They are a dainty accessory and quite inexpensive to create yourself.

Weddings are one of life’s oldest rituals, and the materials used in them should reflect the personality and uniqueness of those involved. Years ago, the bride and her family and friends all pitched in to make all the arrangements, and create the accessories entirely by hand. A very important part of this time-honored ritual, is the time spent before the ceremony with family and friends creating the memories to be kept a lifetime. It means so much more when people you know help create a part of the nuptials, giving a part of themselves as they take the time and effort to create a warm loving atmosphere for the ceremony.

A wedding is a great celebration, not only for the couple but for their family and friends. There are items for family, future in-laws, and friends to make, all in the interest of bringing everyone together in the spirit of loving and giving.

Planning this special event can be a hugely expensive venture, however it can be the unique personal finishing touches that can make it a truly memorable event. These hand created memories can also save you a great deal of money.

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