"Wedding Pew Bows"

Wedding pew bows are a variation on the basic figure 8 florist’s bow.

Begin by leaving a length of ribbon 12 – 14 ins [30 – 40 cm] long as the first tail, and then looping the ribbon over itself as shown at right, while holding it between the thumbs and forefingers.

Continue by pinching a small loop of ribbon between your thumb and forefinger, as shown at left.

Form loops one at a time, pinching the ribbon together in the center as shown right.

The bow is then constructed in the same way as the original figure 8 as shown left.

More loops [usually 8 or 10], are added so that they form a circle around the first small pinched loop, or sit evenly on either side of it.

You may even add another set of loops behind the first row.

Don't forget to leave a length of ribbon to form the second tail, after you make all the loops.

Thread a separate length of ribbon through the small pinched loop in the center and make a secure knot around the back of the loops.

Use this to tie the bow to the pew.

Trim the ends of the tails with a sloping cut.

This is a basic wedding pew bow. You may decorate it further by adding flowers, tulle, or fabric.

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A smaller version of the bow shown at the top of the page may be used for hair bows.

Construct them from nylon crochet ribbon, satin ribbon, or cloth, then simply slide a hair pin through the pinched loop and into hair.

Another way to wear girl hair bows is to attach the bow to an elastic hair tie.

This size also makes a great finishing touch to a crochet coat hanger or hat.

You can easily vary the size of these bows. A two loop version as shown at right, makes a great bow tie for an adult or a toy. Teddy bears look especially distinguished wearing a bow tie.

Once you have mastered this design, have a go at a ruffle bow.

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