"Valentine Gift"

My crochet rose flower will make a thoughtful Valentine gift.

Whether you make it into a hair tie, napkin ring, or use it to decorate a sweater, hat, scarf, the applications are many and varied. You will find there are unlimited possibilities for this Valentine day idea.

This beautiful crochet flower will help you create many a unique gift.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Materials: Red 8ply yarn, 3.5mm crochet hook, red sequins and/or beads [optional], green 8ply yarn for stem.

Measurements: 7cm [2.75ins] across.

Stitches: Chain, Slip Stitch, Treble, Double treble, Double crochet, picot [3ch, 1dc into 3rd ch from hook].

Valentine Gift Napkin Ring

Work 4ch and join with a ss to form a ring.

1st Round: Work *3ch, 1dtr, 1tr, 1dc into ring. Repeat from * 4 times omitting last dc, finishing by working las dc into base of 1st 3ch.

2nd Round: Work * 4ch, 1dc in next dc. Repeat from * to end.

3rd Round: Work 1ss into loop, *3ch, 1dtr, 1tr, 1dc into same loop, ss into next loop. Repeat from * finishing with 1dc into dc before 1st petal.

4th Round: Work * 5ch, 1dc in dc between petals. Repeat from * finishing with 1dc in last dc of previous round.

5th Round: Work 1ss into loop, *3ch, 1tr, 2dtr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc into dc between loops, ss into next loop. Repeat from * finishing with 1dc into last dc on previous round. Fasten off.

Using dark green yarn, work 60ch and fasten to back of rose motif by threading between 2sts so that it can’t be seen from the right side.

For more unique gift ideas, try my crochet headband, table napkin ring, red heart coin purse, or valentine scarf.

If you would like to learn how to crochet quickly and easily, my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book gives complete step by step instructions and photographs to help you master this beautiful craft, along with tips and information on caring for your finished projects so you may have years of enjoyment from them. More information on my e-book contents page. HAPPY CROCHETING!

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