"How to make a Tassel"

Tassels are a very effective way to finish off your afghan rug, granny square rug, baby shawl, crochet scarf, blue knitted scarf, valentine scarf, cap, or any number of articles. You generally use them to enhance the points on a shawl, the ends of drawstrings or ties, the edges of a wall hanging or the back of a cap. They are elegant looking and simple to make.

You don’t need any extra materials, only the yarn and hook used to create your design.


To begin, wind yarn around a 10cm [4ins] piece of cardboard, 20 times [as shown below].Use your crochet hook to pull a separate piece of yarn between the wound yarn and the cardboard at one end.

Tie off securely [as shown below]. Make sure the piece of yarn is approximately 20cm [8ins] long. You will need this length to tie or sew it to your design.

Cut through the yarn at the opposite end..

Take another piece of yarn and tie securely approximately 1cm [.5ins] down from first tie, as shown below.

Attach to your design in whichever way is most suitable.

This pattern can be varied by increasing the number of times you wind the yarn around the cardboard in the beginning, and also by increasing the length of the cardboard. Adjust the measurements to suit your individual design and taste.

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