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Crochet made easy
Crochet Made Easy - Easy to follow, step by step instructions and how to crochet photographs

Baby Crochet Patterns
Baby crochet including hats, blankets, booties. Crocheted Blankets and lace shawls are some of the most useful gifts a newborn can receive.

Free twisted cord pattern
How to make a twisted cord for booties or crocheted tops etc. Twisted Cords have many applications in crochet, knitting and many other handcrafts.

Afghan Crochet
Afghan crochet for your baby, and around the home.

Afghan Crochet Stitch
Clear photographs and easy to follow instructions on how to work Afghan Crochet Stitch. Unlike regular crochet where you work every loop off the hook before beginning the next stitch, with Tunisian

Afghan Baby Crochet
Afghan baby crochet items.

Afghan Crochet Rug
An afghan crochet rug may be created in many varied colors, stitches and shapes. is a simple easy project to make. It can be picked up whenever you have a few spare minutes.

Pillow crochet
Decorative pillow designs to crochet. Crochet pillows are a great decorator’s accessory. Thrown on a bed or couch, they add a romantic comfortable feel to the room.

Granny square pattern
Free granny square pattern pillow to crochet. My granny square pattern cushion is a great way to use up left over yarn. You can mix and match the colors in any combination you desire.

Crochet cover pillow
Free cover pillow pattern to crochet. My crochet cover pillow is a round cushion pattern. The back and front of this contemporary simple cushion are worked in rounds.

Baby blanket
Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern. This blanket pattern is created from very basic stitches, is warm and cuddly, yet also delicate looking enough to be used as a christening shawl.

Free Baby Booties Crochet Pattern
Free Baby Booties Crochet Pattern to make Easy to follow step by step instructions to create this lovely gift. My free baby booties crochet pattern is worked in 100% nylon baby yarn.

Free doily pattern
Free pineapple doily pattern to make. A stylish oval shaped centerpiece to suit a dining or coffee table. Doilies are created in the most elegant, and varied patterns imaginable.

Baby Hat - Free Crochet Pattern
Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern to create. This baby hat has a popcorn edge and will keep baby's head warm through the winter months.

Crinoline Lady Motif - Free Pattern
Free Crinoline Lady Motif Pattern to make. This handy motif may be applied to a variety of projects - towels, sheets, pillowcases, or as a doily.

Afghan baby bib pattern
This pretty afghan baby bib pattern is made in 3ply synthetic baby yarn, then decorated with crocheted flowers.

Afghan Baby Pin Cushion Pattern
Free Afghan Baby Pin Cushion Pattern

Puff Stitch
How to crochet a Puff Stitch. Puff stitch is a decorative stitch, often used for edging and breaking up a band of plainer stitches by introducing a different texture and appearance to the item.

How to make a fringe
Learn how to make a fringe to decorate your crocheted rugs etc. A fringe is probably the most popular scarf edging.

How to make a Tassel
How to make a tassel to decorate the edge of your crochet work.

Equivalency Tables - Terms and Hooks
These Equivalency Tables show how to convert patterns into the language you are used to using. I have included these Equivalency Conversion Tables so all crocheters may enjoy patterns from all over.

Crocheted Hair Scrunchie
Free pattern for crocheted hair scrunchie. An easy project to complete, will be appreciated by anyone with long hair.

Crochet Picot Hair Scrunchie
Free crochet picot hair scrunchie pattern to make. My crochet picot hair scrunchie pattern is worked in 5ply knitting cotton. This crochet edge has very decorative points.

How to crochet a Scalloped Edge Hair Scrunchie
Free pattern - how to crochet a scalloped edge hair scrunchie. This pretty hair accessory is decorated with pearl bead

Pansy Doily Pattern
Free pattern for Pansy Doily. his cute Pansy Doily Pattern will add beauty to anything displayed on it. It’s the perfect size for a bud vase or can also be used just as effectively as a glass mat.

Wedding Crochet
Creating crocheted wedding keepsakes. All of these items are very special, not only because they are keepsakes, but because of the time and effort that friends and family took to make something pers

Wedding Favors Basket
Free pattern for crocheting a wedding favors basket.This free Wedding Favors Basket Pattern is quick and easy to make, and involves only a few different stitches.

Free Wedding Bell Pattern
Free Crochet Wedding Bell pattern to make. A thoughtful gift to present to a bride to carry on her wedding day.

Beach Crochet
Informative illustrated page covering beach wear and bags. Beach Crochet encompasses a very wide range of projects that are as simple or intricate as you choose to make them.

Drawstring Bag Crochet
Varied designs and functions of Drawstring bag crochet.

Purse crochet
A wide range of crochet purse designs to make. The different styles in purse crochet are only limited by your imagination!

Handmade Purse
Free handmade purse pattern to crochet. My handmade purse is a fast and cheap purse to make. It is decorated with beads and closes with a zip.

Pink flower purse pattern
Free pink flower purse pattern to crochet. It’s dainty size is perfect to take out to dinner to hold money, credit cards and make-up. Make a matching coin purse!

Bag crochet
Lots of different crochet bag styles to create. Crocheting your own bag is a very practical and often necessary thing to do.

Tote Bag
Free tote bag pattern to crochet. My free tote bag pattern is easy to make and may be varied in color and design to suit dozens of different applications.

Afghan tote bag pattern
Free pattern for crochet afghan tote bag. My afghan bag is an easy pattern to follow. You only need to be able to work three stitches to make this personalized tote bag.

Drawstring tote bag
Free pattern to crochet a drawstring tote bag. My drawstring tote bag is worked almost entirely in trebles, with a picot edge around the top.

Handbag purse
Free handbag purse pattern to crochet. My handbag purse is an easy purse pattern to make. Beginners will have no trouble creating this dainty cheap handbag.

Handmade bag
Free pattern to crochet a handmade bag with a drawstring. My handmade bag doubles as a coin purse in a larger bag.

Handmade handbag
Free pattern to crochet handmade handbag with drawstring. This cute handmade handbag will hold just a few of the essentials for a night out.

Womens handbag
Free pattern to crochet a womens handbag.

Computer bag
Free computer bag pattern to crochet. My computer bag pattern is an ideal travel bag to house your laptop. It will protect from the sun, dust, scratches, even shock to a certain degree.

Free beach bag Pattern
A free beach bag pattern for you to crochet. Easy to follow instructions and links to more free bag patterns .My Free Beach-bag Pattern may be worked in many different types of yarn.

Free Mesh-bag Pattern
A free mesh-bag pattern to make for the beach or shopping. My “Free Mesh-Bag Pattern” is worked in Nylon Crochet Ribbon.

Free Hipster Scarf Pattern
A free hipster scarf pattern to crochet. A stylish cover-up for the beach and more sophisticated outings. Drape it around the neck or shoulders for an elegant effect.

Coin purse crochet
Many different designs and uses for free coin purse patterns,Here are perhaps the easiest, quickest and cutest projects one can create! A coin purse is something anyone can make use of.

Coin purse flower
Free coin purse flower pattern to crochet. My coin purse flower pattern matches my pink flower purse pattern.

Valentine heart coin purse
Free pattern to crochet valentine heart coin purse. This pattern is a very cute coin purse and makes a great valentine-day gift.

White daisy coin purse
Free pattern to crochet white daisy coin purse. My coin purse matches my afghan shoulder tote bag.

Designer coin purse
Free pattern to crochet designer coin purse. My designer coin purse is easy to make and looks very elegant.

Winter Crochet
Functional winter crochet items to make and wear - crochet scarf, knitted scarf, crochet slippers, crochet hat.

Free Knitted Scarf Pattern
Free knitted scarf pattern to make with crochet edge and fringing. My free knitted scarf pattern is worked in 12ply yarn.

Free Crochet Scarf Pattern
Free crochet scarf pattern to make. This scarf features a decorative puff sttich and the edge is finished with fringing. My free crochet scarf pattern is worked in 5ply wool/

Flower scarf
Free flower scarf pattern to crochet. My flower scarf pattern is very decorative. Stylish enough to be worn as evening wear, it is an attractive finishing touch to a winter outfit.

Free Crochet Slipper Pattern
Free crochet slipper pattern to make for winter. This free crochet slipper pattern is constructed mainly from trebles worked into two different size motifs and crocheted together.

Crochet slippers
Free pattern for children's crochet slippers. Keep little feet warm and cosy this winter with these cute slipper socks.

How to make a pompom
Directions for how to make a pompom and use it for decoration. Pompoms are a fun and decorative way to finish off a crocheted article.

Crochet Flowers
Information and free patterns for crochet flowers, doilies, hats etc. For most of the twentieth century, particularly the first half, the popularity of crochet flowers was enormous.

Free crochet rose pattern
Free crochet rose pattern for centerpiece doily. A beautiful round doily to adorn a table, ideal for standing a vase or photo frame on.

Crochet Flower Hat
Free pattern to crochet flower hat. My free crochet flower hat pattern will fit an average size lady’s head. It is decorated with 2 crochet daisy motifs which are hand sewn to one side.

Crochet sunflower
Free crochet sunflower pattern to make. My motif may be used to decorate garments such as shawls, sweaters,etc.

Free crochet shawl pattern
A free crochet shawl pattern to make for winter. This pretty pink fan shaped shawl with the decorative edge will add a touch of style to many outfits.

Lace shawl
Free lace shawl pattern to crochet. Crochet lace is the most beautiful form of crochet.

Free crochet doily pattern - flat pansy motif
Free crochet doily pattern [flat pansy motif] to make. My free crochet doily pattern gives clear instructions on how to crochet pansy doily. The flat flower motifs used are simple to make.

Crochet Beanie Hat
Free crochet beanie hat pattern to make. My crochet beanie hat pattern is worked in contrasting colors showing off the stitches to full advantage. It can be created to match a scarf.

Crochet pattern pillow
Free crochet pattern pillow to make. How to make a granny square. This crochet pattern pillow is an easy project to pick up whenever time allows.

Crochet hangers
Crochet hangers for babies and adults. Different designs, sizes and patterns to suit any age. Easy to follow instructions.

Baby crochet hanger pattern
Free crochet hanger pattern to make for baby. This crochet hanger pattern is soft and delicate looking. Worked in white and yellow ribbon, it is ideal for baby clothes.

Pink Nylon Hanger Cover
Free pink nylon ribbon hanger cover to crochet. This functional nylon crochet cover for a hanger, is a simple pattern for a beginner to master.

Purple ribbon coat hanger
Free purple ribbon coat hanger pattern to crochet. This hanger is a simple, yet stylish design. It is stretched to fit the hanger, making the spaces between the stitches more pronounced.

Knitted wooden hanger cover
Free knitted wooden coat hanger cover to make. This cover is worked over a wooden hanger that has been first covered in strips of stretch knit [t-shirt] material.

How to make a rosette
Step by step instructions how to make a rosette and ideas for decorating with rosettes. They are cute and fast to make.

Crochet toys
Crochet toys to make for babies and children. Crochet toys are a lot of fun to create and make the perfect gift for a baby or small child.

Crochet Toy Snake Pattern
Free toy snake pattern to crochet. My toy snake pattern is based on a carpet python. This variety is not venomous, therefore I have no qualms about encouraging children to play with a toy version.

Crochet pattern for galah puppet
Free hand puppet crochet pattern for galah. Anyone who’s owned or had contact with a galah knows they are the perfect subject for a crochet pattern for puppet.

Crochet butterfly pattern
Free crochet butterfly pattern to make. This pretty motif is quick and easy to work and has many suggested applications.

Toy Octopus
Free toy octopus pattern to make. “Ozzie” the Octopus is cute and fun to make.

Bow making
Different bow types and their applications. Bows may be used to decorate everything from hair to crochet hanger patterns, so lots of people need to know how to make them.

How to make a bow - Florist's bow
Detailed florist's instructions how to make a bow. Lots of people need to know how to make a bow.

Ruffle Bow
How to make a ruffle bow to decorate gifts, hangers etc. This ruffle bow is often used for gift wrapping, tied around a boxed gift, or the neck of a wine bottle.

Wedding pew bows
How to make wedding pew bows, hair bows, bow ties etc.

Making a ball
Crochet the toy ball of your choice. There are more different types of balls than practically any other toy.

How to crochet a toy baseball. Baseball is the U.S.A.’s national sport. It is played, sung about and paid tribute to more than any other game.

Cricket Ball
How to crochet a toy cricket ball. Millions of cricket fans the world over would love to inspire the next generation with this soft toy.

How to crochet a toy football. AFL [Australian Football League] began in Australia 150 years ago, when an Australian returned from Great Britain with an idea for a game to keep cricketers fit

Tennis Ball
Free pattern to crochet a toy tennis ball. The tennis ball is instantly recognized as a tool of one of the most popular sports on the planet.

Christmas crochet
Great ideas to crochet for Christmas. Christmas craft enables you to produce your own unique home decoration items for the festive season.

Christmas tree
Free Christmas tree motif to crochet. My Christmas tree motif may be added to a sweater, orhat etc,

Christmas decoration
Free star christmas decoration to crochet. This Christmas decoration is very fast and easy to make, and adds a touch of Christmas spirit to anything it adorns.

Christmas gift
Free pattern to crochet Christmas gift motif. My gift motif may be worked in various sizes or shapes to suit the article you wish to decorate.

Christmas bell
Free Christmas bell pattern to crochet. My Christmas bell is easy to make and will add that special warm touch of Christmas cheer to your tree, front door, table, or anywhere else in your home.

Christmas gift idea
Christmas gift idea scarf pattern to crochet. Here’s a great Christmas gift idea, and a great way to avoid the before Christmas nightmare - make your own gifts.

Christmas stocking
Free Christmas stocking pattern to crochet. This Christmas stocking will be appreciated by every member of the family.

Christmas napkin holder
Free Christmas napkin holder pattern to crochet. This Santa napkin holder will impress your friends at your Christmas party. He is fast and easy to make and adds a personal touch to the table.

Valentine day crafts
Make your own Valentine Day crafts. Make that special person feel truly appreciated with a personalized gift you’ve created with your own two hands and a lot of love.

Valentine crafts
Free Valentine crafts crochet pattern for headband. They are one of the simplest projects to master, and may be decorated with beads, sequins, or rose motifs.

Valentine scarf
Free Valentine scarf pattern to crochet. This scarf style may be worn by men, women and children. The length may be easily adjusted to suit a child.

Valentine Gift Idea
Free pattern for Valentine gift idea for crochet table napkin ring. These napkin holders add a real touch of elegance and romance to a table setting.

Valentine gift
Free pattern for Valentine gift - rose motif napkin ring, hair tie, decoration.

Monogram crochet
Hints, tips and free patterns for monogram application. A monogram towel each, is a thoughtful wedding present.

Crochet jewelry
Make your own jewelry! Free craft and crochet patterns for wedding jewelry and everyday wear.

Pearl choker necklace
My pearl choker pattern is a delicate design worked in No. 10 crochet cotton. If you prefer, you may use crochet wire instead.

Pearl earrings
Handmade jewelry is a lot of fun. Earrings are particularly good because they don’t require a lot of work and are usually fast to finish.

Pearl brooch
Creating your own fashion jewelry is a fun hobby. This classic pearl brooch matches my choker.

Handmade earrings
Cut down on your Christmas shopping nightmare! Make life a little easier by giving handmade earrings that you made at home.

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Some background information about me and my site.

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