"Free Hipster Scarf Pattern"

This stylish hipster scarf is the perfect cover up for a crocheted bikini or one piece swimsuit. It provides a certain amount of modesty and is a very attractive addition to your beach wardrobe.

Although it is by no means limited to beachwear, this shawl can be worn over slacks or a dress to create a different fashion statement. Drape it around the neck or shoulders for an elegant effect. Work it in wool for another winter scarf.

This hipster wrap is worked in natural cotton fibre and decorated with sequins and a fringed edging. For a different finish, why not experiment with beads or tassels or even crocheted flower motifs,or a crochet butterfly. Embroidery and Cross-stitch are other options. Match it to your Brazilian Bikini!

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Hipster Scarf Cover Up

Materials: 2 balls 5ply knitting cotton, 2.00mm hook, sequins for decoration, sewing needle and black thread.

Tension: 4 x 3ch spaces = approximately 5cm[2ins].Size: Approximately 112cm[45ins] across top.

To begin, work 10ch and join with a ss into 1st ch.

1st Row: Work 6ch, 1tr into ring, 3ch, 1tr into ring, 6ch, turn.

2nd Row: Work 1tr into 1st 3ch sp, 3ch, 1tr into next 3ch sp, 3ch, 1tr into 1st of 6 turning ch, 6ch, turn.

3rd Row: Work 1tr into 1st 3ch sp, 3ch, 1tr into next 3ch sp, 3ch, 1tr into 3rd 3ch sp, 3ch, 1tr into same 3ch sp, 6ch, turn.

4th Row: Work 1tr into top of last tr on previous row [increasing 1 3ch sp], 3ch, 1tr in each 3ch sp to end of row finishing with extra 3ch and 1tr in last 3ch sp as 3rd Row.[increasing 1x3ch sp].

Continue working this way until work measures required size [approximately 112cm or 45ins].

Make fringing and attach to edge loops along the shorter sides. Attach sequins with needle and cotton.

For a different decoration idea, try a sunflower, daisy, or pansy motif.

For instructions and step by step illustrations on how to work stitches used in this pattern, see “Crochet Made Easy”. More information on my e-book contents page. HAPPY CROCHETING!

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