"Ruffle Bow"

This ruffle bow is often used for gift wrapping. Tied around a boxed gift, the neck of a champagne bottle or teddy bear, or stuck on top of a Rolls Royce, good presentation is guaranteed with one of these bows.

With a little practice you will become a great bow maker!

The ruffle bow shown above is made from florist’s tear ribbon. This is the best ribbon to use for this style of bow because the loops will sit up nicely. If you use satin ribbon the loops will be floppy.

Begin by tearing a length of red ribbon in half by pinching it in the middle with your thumbs as shown in the photograph, then pull your two strips apart quickly.

The length of this piece of ribbon depends on what you want to tie your ruffle bow around. Put aside.

Hold the tail of your roll of red ribbon between your thumb and the palm of your hand.

Wind ribbon around your hand 6 times, loosely, as shown at right.

While still holding loops in the center, remove from your hand and fold in half as shown at left. Be careful not to fold or crease the outer edges of the loops.

Using scissors, make a curved cut on each side of fold taking corners off.

Thread one piece of the ribbon you put aside earlier, between the folded loops.

Tie a secure knot.

While holding one half of loops just above knot, pull out one at a time from the inside of the pile and twist at the base.

Continue this until all loops are sitting like the photograph at the top of the page.

For a different effect try winding two different colors together.

You can split one of the tie tails as you did earlier, so that you have two tails to hang down. Then curl them with the scissors by sliding the blade along one side of the ribbon as shown at right. Doing this on one side of the ribbon will curl it, doing it on the other side will straighten it. Now that you’re a proficient bow maker, have a go at a florist’s bow, wedding pew bow, or hair bows.

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