Ripple Afghan Instructions

The Ripple Afghan Instructions shown above may be easily adapted to produce a smaller or larger rug by simply increasing or decreasing the amount of chain stitches you begin with, and/or by working more or less rows.

Rugs or throws may be used in many different ways, and therefore different sizes and even different tension in your work, may be chosen to suit the purpose of the rug.

You may choose to work in a smaller hook size than the one given in these ripple afghan instructions. This will produce a tighter warmer fabric. This is sometimes preferred when creating blankets or throws.

Hint: If at the end of the 1st Row, you find that you have miscalculated the amount of chain in the base row, rather than unwinding the 1st Row and starting over, you can undo the extra chain stitches from the starting end. Just make sure that you finish your pattern with a downward section.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Ripple Afghan Instructions

Materials: Approximately 400g 8ply yarn [dark pink], 300g 8ply yarn [white], 300g 8ply [pale pink], 300g 8ply [dusty pink]. 4.00mm crochet hook.

Measurements: Approximately 170cm [67ins] wide, 220cm long [86.5ins].

Tension: 2 rows = approximately 3cm [2ins].

Stitches: Chain, Treble.

Beginning with Dark Pink, work 420ch.

1st Row: Work 1tr into 3rd ch from hook, [miss 2ch, 2tr in next ch] 4 times, 2ch, **2tr in same st as last 2tr, [miss 2ch, 2tr in next ch] 4 times. Miss 3ch, [2tr in next ch, 2ch] 5 times. Repeat from ** to end. Turn.

2nd Row: [Work 2tr into each ch sp between groups of tr] 5 times, *2ch , 2tr in same st as last 2tr, [2tr in next ch sp] 4 times. Miss sp, [2tr in next sp] 5 times. Repeat from * to end. Turn.

3rd & 4th Row: Work as 2nd Row. Fasten off.

Join Dusty Pink and work 2nd Row 4 times. Fasten off.

Join Pale Pink and work 2nd Row 4 times. Fasten off.

Join White and work 2nd Row 4 times. Fasten off.

Continue in pattern until desired length is reached, finishing with a Dark Pink section.

This is a great Christmas or Valentine's gift if worked in the appropriate colors.

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