"Puff Stitch"

Puff stitch is a decorative stitch, often used for edging and breaking up a band of plainer stitches by introducing a different texture and appearance to the item. It is so named because it puffs up into an oval shape.

In the photograph of my Afghan Rug shown above, the row of stitches through the middle of the panel of trebles gives a very decorative effect, and shows up very well, not only because of the different texture it provides, but also because it is done in white against the plainer black background of stitches. This stitch is very popular for use in Afghans.

I have used this stitch with great effect in my free crochet scarf pattern, and my drawstring bag pattern.

It is also very often used in Baby Crochet for jackets and baby hats. There are some patterns I have made that use this stitch as the main stitch creating the article. Used this way, it looks very soft and decorative. They are some of the prettiest baby patterns you can make.


Yarn is attached to 1st stitch of row.

Work 3ch, miss 1st 2tr, *yarn over hook, insert hook into next tr, yarn over hook[as above], pull loop through approximately 1cm [.5inch][above right], repeat from * 3 times[below left].

Yarn over hook and pull through all loops on hook [above right], 1ch [as shown below], miss next tr. Repeat from first* to end of row, finishing with 1tr into top of 1st 3ch.

This is how the Puff Stitch was introduced into my pictured Afghan. There are many different applications for this decorative stitch. The pattern you’re following will explain in detail how to include the stitch into your work. Hope you like the effect.

All stitches and techniques used in my patterns are shown and explained in detail in my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book. More information on my e-book contents page.


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