"How to make a Pompom"

Here's a great fun winter activity! Pompoms are a fun and decorative way to finish off a crocheted or knitted article. They can be added to the top of a baby hat, a toddler’s hat or the side of a lady’s hat.

Beanies are for everyone and you usually don’t see a beanie without one of these cute balls adorning the top peak. On a child’s beanie they sometimes dangle from the peak on the end of crocheted strings.

They are cute on the front of children’s slippers too. They can dangle on the ends of drawstrings around the brims of hooded sweaters, or around the waist of a jumper or vest.

Materials: 1 piece of cardboard 5cm [2ins] wide, yarn.


To begin, cut 2 lengths of yarn approximately 15cm [6ins] long.

Place them along the piece of cardboard and hold in place while you wind your yarn around the piece of cardboard approximately 250 times.

Pull the 2 lengths of yarn to the top of the piece of cardboard and tie them together securely.

Cut through all the yarn at the bottom edge of the cardboard.

Trim the edges of the yarn so that you have a smooth ball shape.

Use the longer yarn strands to sew into place on your article.

You can vary the finished size by making the cardboard wider or narrower.

For clear step by step instructions and photographs showing how to crochet, see my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book. More information on my e-book contents page. “HAPPY CROCHETING!”

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