"Pillow Crochet"

Crochet pillows are a great decorator’s accessory. Thrown on a bed or couch, they add a romantic comfortable feel to the room.

Work your cushion in any of the various designs available. Use whatever combination of colors and stitches to gain the desired effect for each individual area.

What a great winter activity!

One of the easiest patterns to create is a crochet granny square. By varying the color tonings you can create many different effects from this one design. The cushion shown above center is an example of how a combination of a set of colors makes this design look very different to one that is worked in a mixture of different hues. This cushion is worked as one large crochet granny square.

Many different pillow designs are made from joining granny squares together to form whatever shape you desire. The style shown above left is created by joining four crochet granny squares to form each side. Match pillow designs to an afghan rug, afghan bed rug. or picnic blanket. Granny square pillow designs, square pillow, or bolster cushion. The choice is endless!

Patterns like the round shape above right, may be worked in wool or finer crochet thread for a more delicate finish. Some of these cushions can be formed by joining two round crochet doilies together at the edge.

There are classic quilted designs. These are often worked to a square or rectangular shape, and then finished off with a pretty crochet edge.

If you are a beginner and need help learning the stitches, see my e-book “CROCHET MADE EASY”. More information on my e-book contents page.

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