"Pink Nylon Hanger Cover"

This functional nylon crochet cover for a hanger, is a simple pattern for a beginner to master.

Worked in crochet ribbon, it is also a very economical gift to create for friends or family.

This pink ribbon is very strong and durable. Anything worked in this ribbon will last for years.

It is also easy to work with and available in a large variety of beautiful colors.

This crochet cover is worked using a large hook so it grows quickly. In no time at all you will have created a useful item for yourself, or a pretty gift for someone else.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Pink Crochet Hanger Cover

Materials: Pink ribbon, 5.00mm crochet hook, white crochet ribbon, white plastic tubing, darning needle.

Measurements: 40cm [15.75ins]

Tension: First 2 rows = 3cm [1.25ins]

Stitches: Chain, Treble, Double Crochet

To begin, work 63ch.

1st – 3rd Row: Work 3ch, 1tr into each st, 3ch. Turn.

4th Row: Work this row as previous rows, but join edges together

5th Row: Work 3ch, * miss 1tr, 4tr into next tr, miss 1tr, 1dc into next tr. Repeat from * finishing with 1tr in last tr. Fasten off.

After removing hook from hanger, feed crochet cover over hanger.

Using darning needle and a length of pink nylon crochet ribbon, sew ends over.

Feed plastic tubing over hook and trim to fit.

Replace hook in hanger.

Decorate with rosettes, flowers or butterflies.

I also have patterns for a purple ribbon hanger cover and baby hanger, and knitted baby hanger.

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