"Crinoline Lady Motif"

Motif Crochet lends itself beautifully to many aspects of the home. The designs and colors are both attractive and contemporary. Whether you are making one single motif to decorate a tote bag, towel, pillowcase, or bed sheet, or tackling something more ambitious like a doily or blanket, where many are joined together to create a larger project, you will find there are many patterns to suit your level of expertise. If you are an experienced crocheter or a novice, there is a design for you.

My Crinoline Lady Motif pattern is worked in No. 20 crochet cotton and requires a moderate amount of experience in crocheting. It makes a beautiful decoration for linen, and can also be used as a doily on a little girls dresser. Imagine how delighted your friends or family will feel when they receive a gift from you that has been decorated and personalised so beautifully with this elegant motif.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.


Materials: 1.25mm crochet hook, 1 ball No. 20 crochet cotton, ribbon.
Tension: 5 rows dtr – 4.5cm.[1.8ins]
Measurement: Approximately 20cm [8ins]
Stitches: Chain, Slip Stitch, Double Crochet, Treble, Double Treble, Triple Treble, Picot [3ch, 1ss into 1st ch, 1ch], Shell [2dtr, 2ch, 2dtr]

To begin, work 15ch, join with ss to form a ring.

1st Row: 4ch, 13dtr into ring.
2nd Row: 5ch, [1trip tr 1ch] into 13 trip tr.
3rd Row: 7ch, [1trip tr, 2ch] into 12 trip tr.
4th Row: 4ch, [2dtr, 1 picot, 2dtr] into 1st 2ch sp, and every 2nd 2ch sp to end. [6 shells]
5th Row: 13ch, 1dc between 2nd and 3rd shells, 13ch, 1dc between 4th and 5th shells.
6th Row: 5ch, 13dtr into 13ch loop, 14dtr into next 13ch loop.
7th Row: 6ch, [1trip tr into next dtr, 1ch] 1trip tr into last dtr.[26sts]
8th Row: 6ch,[1dtr, 2ch into next trip tr] 25 times, 1dtr into last trip tr.
9th Row: 4ch, 1dtr, 1picot, 2dtr in 1st sp, [miss 1sp, in next sp work 2dtr, picot, 2dtr] 5 times, work 3dtr into next 4 sps. Into next sp work, 2dtr, 1picot, 2dtr, [miss 1sp, work 1 picot shell into next sp] 5 times. Fasten off.
10th Row: With right side of motif facing, join thread to 1st dtr in center block of 9th Row. 6ch, 1trip tr, 1ch, in next 10sts, 1trip tr in last st. [12sts]
11th Row: 6ch, [1dtr, 2ch into next st] 10 times, 1dtr into last st.
12th Row: 4ch, 1sh in every sp to end. [11 shells].
13th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 1ch] 10 times, shell into last shell.
14th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 2ch] 10 times, shell into last shell.
15th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 3ch] 10 times, shell into last shell.
16th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 4ch] 10 times, shell into shell.
17th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 5ch] 10 times, shell into shell.
18th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 6ch] 10 times, shell into shell.
19th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 7ch] 10 times, shell into shell.
20th Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 8ch] 10 times, shell into shell.
21st Row: 4ch, [shell into shell, 9ch] 10 times, shell into shell.
22nd Row: 4ch, *[2dtr, 1trip tr, 1 picot, 1trip tr, 2dtr in shell], into next sp work, [4dtr, 1trip tr, 1 picot, 1trip tr, 4dtr], repeat from * to end. Fasten off.

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All stitches and techniques used in this “Crinoline Lady Motif Pattern” are shown and explained in detail in my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book. More information on my e-book contents page.

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