Moon Sign

The Zodiac Sign in which the Moon was present when you were born into this world, is your Moon sign. The characteristics of this sign influence our feelings and emotions.

Also known as the earth's natural satellite because it orbits the earth, the lunar presence travels much more quickly through the zodiac than the sun, taking only 28 days to complete a cycle. Therefore the lunar effects are marked and vary on a monthly basis.

The directions for the Sun Sign and Lunar Logo are provided if you have more cream motifs, to decorate.

If you've decided not to display zodiac sign designs, but to use monogrammed letters, Christmas motifs, or flowers instead, now is the time for you to be crocheting and attaching them to your crochet afghan squares.

Not decorating your cream motifs at all? This is the time for you to finish off all the crochet afghan squares you've created, so you will be ready to assemble your zodiac rug and add your chosen edging.

If the terminology used in this zodiac crochet afghan differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

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Moon Sign Instructions

Use any leftover twisted cord from your Sun symbol to make your Moon sign.

If you're making your squares smaller, you may need to adjust the thickness of your twisted cord, and the number required - If your motifs are half the size of mine, use half the amount of yarn.

Materials: 1 100g ball 8 ply synthetic burgundy yarn, knitting needle, sewing needle, burgundy sewing thread, elastic threader or small safety pin.

Twisted Cord Lengths: 4 strands x 4.5 metres [180ins] long.

Print out your choice from the Moon sign templates - 11.5cm x 8cm [4.6ins x 3.2ins] Lunar logo pdf file, the 9.5cm x 7cm [3.8ins x 2.8ins] Lunar logo pdf, or the 8cm x 6cm [3.2ins x 2.4ins] Lunar logo pdf, depending on the size of your star symbol motifs.

Carefully cut out your Moon sign template. You will need to sticky tape the outer edge to mend the lunar logo template. Trim, position, and pin the template in the center of your cream square as you did with the Aries logo templates.

Attach elastic threader or small safety pin to one end of your twisted cord.

Step 1: Working from the back of your cream square, thread your twisted cord through your crochet granny square between the stitches at bottom of the Moon sign. Pull through until the knot sits firmly against the back of your motif.

Position and pin the twisted cord into place, inside your Moon template, forming the creative design.
Thread your twisted cord from front to back between the stitches at the same lower point of entry. Pin or tack in place.

Knot your twisted cord firmly, so that the knot sits snugly against the back of your cream square. Make another knot approximately 2cm [.75ins] from the previous knot. Cut between knots.

Remove your design template. Using your sewing needle and burgundy thread, carefully stitch your Sun sign into place.

Once you've finished attaching your Moon sign, to your cream square, continue crocheting any remaining pink squares and mixed granny squares.

When all motifs are attached and granny squares are complete, we can assemble our creative design!

Like to make another creative design? My free crochet patterns are available for my picnic blanket, Granny Square Pattern Rug, Granny Square Pattern Afghan, Ripple Afghan, or Afghan Bed Rug.

Granny squares with a plainer center are best for displaying monogram letters, flowers, Christmas motifs, and zodiac symbols - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Sun.

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