"Free Mesh-Bag Pattern"

My “Free Mesh-Bag Pattern” is worked in Nylon Crochet Ribbon. I have used lemon for this one, however this ribbon is available in a multitude of colors.

You are not limited in the types of yarns you can use to crochet, however some are easier to work with than others. Materials with a smooth even finish are generally easier to manage. If the yarn or string is tightly twisted it is less likely that you will split it with the hook when you’re creating stitches. The intended use of your mesh-bag will help you determine what sort of material you would like to work in. The Nylon Crochet Ribbon used here is ideal for use as a beach bag to carry Brazilian Bikinis and towels etc, and equally useful for grocery shopping.

Whatever you decide to use to make your mesh-bag, it will have a bearing on tension, so keep in mind that the size of the finished bag will vary according to the weight of the yarn and the corresponding hook size that you use.

So decide what kind of finish you would like for your mesh-bag and set to work.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.



To begin, work 8ch and join with a ss to form a ring.

1st Round: Work 3ch, 14tr into ring, join with 1ss into 3rd of 3ch.

2nd Round: Work 3ch, 1tr into join of previous round, 2tr into each stitch to end, finishing with 1ss into 3rd of 3ch.

3rd Round: Work3ch,*2tr into next tr, 1tr in next tr,* repeat from*to end, finishing with 1ss into top of 3rd ch.

4th Round: Work as 3rd Round. [67sts]

5th Round: Increase this round by 17sts. [84sts]

6th Round: Work 1ch, *1dc into each st to end. Repeat from* finishing with 1ss into 1st ch.

7th Round: *Pull up a loop [approximately 2.5cm or 1in], yoh, pull through loop, 1dc into back strand only, repeat from*once, miss 2dc, 1dc in next dc, repeat from 1st *, finishing round by working only the 1st loops and dc, insert hook into same st as beginning loop and pulling up a loop, yoh, pull through 2 loops, 1dc.

8th Round: *Pull up a loop, yoh, pull through loop, 1dc into back strand only, repeat from*once, 1dc into dc in centre of loop sts. Repeat from 1st* finishing as per 7th Round.

9th – 23rd Round: Work as per 8th Round.

24th Round: *Work 4ch, 1dc into centre dc of loop, repeat from * finishing with 1ss into 1st dc.

25th – 27th Round: Work as per 24th Round.

28th Round: *Work 1dc into dc, decrease over next 2dc, repeat from*finishing with 1ss into 1st dc. Fasten off.

Make Handles.

Crochet a length of chain approximately 36.5cm [14.5 ins].

Miss 1st 2ch, 1dc into each ch to end. Work around end as follows.

Work 2ch, work 1dc into other side of each st to end.

Work 2ch, 1dc into end sts, 1ch 1dc into each dc to end.

Join Handle to mesh-bag by crocheting dc through both the end of the handle and the edge of bag with right sides together [join faces inside of mesh-bag]. Finish working last row of handle and join the other end to the bag in the same manner. Fasten off. Space handles evenly so that you have the same number of loops between.

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All stitches and techniques used in this “Free Mesh Bag Pattern” are shown and explained in detail in my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book. More information on my e-book contents page.

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