"Free Knitted Scarf Pattern"

My free knitted scarf pattern is worked in 12ply yarn, on 5.5mm knitting needles. The main stitch used is stockinette stitch, with 2 rows of garter stitch [plain knitting] to form the pattern.

The knitted scarf is quite wide so it may be rolled at the edges as shown in the photograph above, when draped around the neck. If you wish, you may use less stitches and this will result in a narrower scarf. I knitted this one for my Grandfather for Christmas. If worked in red and/or white it is also suitable for Valentine's Day. If you intend for yours to be worn by a female, you may wish to make the narrower version. My Christmas scarf pattern, blue knitted scarf, or valentine scarf are other options. A Christmas star, Christmas present motif, or tree makes a nice finishing touch, as does their zodiac symbol - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Sun, and Moon.

My free crochet pattern is a stylish alternative. My flower design is also very pretty.

Stockinette stitch creates a dense, very warm fabric ideal for a warm winter scarf. This one is finished with a crocheted edge which is not only very attractive but also helps to control the curling problem associated with knitting in stockinette stitch.

The fringing along both ends is made from 5ply yarn for a softer look.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Materials: Approximately 500grams 12ply yarn [depending on the length and width required], 1pr. 5.5mm knitting needles, 5.0mm crochet hook, 5ply yarn.

Tension: 12 rows = Approximately 7cm [2.5ins].

Measurements: Approximately 225cm [90ins].

Knitted Scarf Pattern

To begin, cast on 40sts.

1st Row: Garter Stitch [Knit].

2nd Row: Purl.

Work these rows until 10 rows are completed.

11th & 12th Rows: Knit.

These 12 rows form the pattern. Continue working in pattern until you reach the desired length.

Cast off.

Crochet Edge

Work 3 rows of dc* around entire edge, working 2sts into every corner. Fasten off.

*Take care not to make too many stitches along long sides, as this will result in a wavy edge. Make just enough stitches that you create an even unstretched flat border. Check your first completed pattern span to ensure that your stitch count is correct.

This pattern is worked in synthetic yarn and so may be machine washed. If you choose to use wool, it is safer to hand wash.

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