"How to Make a bow - Florist's bow"

Lots of people from many diverse fields need to know how to make a bow. Bows have so many different applications in varying forms of arts and crafts, as well as gift wrapping. Decorate your crochet or knitted coat hangers, beautify a gift or bouquet of flowers, or make a bow tie.


Your choice of florist's ribbon, fabric, or lace, scissors, wire.

A florist’s bow is made by holding the tail of the ribbon between the thumb and forefinger of one hand [as shown left]and winding the ribbon into a figure 8 with the other hand, catching the center in the same place as the tail, as shown in the photograph below right.

Your bow can consist of two loops, or more, as shown below left.

Tie a separate piece of ribbon, yarn or wire around the center, as shown below right.

Trim the tails with a sloping cut.

Adjust the position of the loops, then fix your bow into place.

Now that you know how to create this figure 8 style, you might like to try other variations and designs like a ruffle bow or wedding pew bows.

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