"Knitted Wooden Hanger Cover"

This cover is worked over a wooden hanger that has been first covered in strips of stretch knit [t-shirt] material. The strip of material is wound around the wood [after having removed the hook], and secured with a needle and thread.

The lace trim is worked into the pattern, and the finished cover is sewn with a darning needle threaded with the same nylon yarn as you’ve been working in.

This knitted cover is designed to fit a smaller wooden holder suitable for baby or children’s clothes.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Knitted Cover

Materials: White 5 ply nylon knitting ribbon, 1 pair No. 6 knitting needles, length of lace, white plastic tubing.

Stitches: Plain.

Begin by casting on 52 sts loosely.

1st – 4th Row: Knit.

5th Row: Place length of lace behind work. Insert hook into st and through hole in lace and knit. Continue in this manner to end of row taking care not to allow lace to twist.

6th – 9th Row: Knit. Cast off, leaving length of yarn long enough to sew edges together.

Thread darning needle with nylon yarn and sew long edge and one end together.

Feed cover on and sew open end.

Feed plastic tubing over hook and trim to size.

Replace hook and decorate with a bow if you wish.

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