"Handmade Earrings"

Cut down on your Christmas shopping nightmare! Make life a little easier by giving handmade earrings that you made at home in your spare time.

These pretty dangle earrings are very inexpensive to make, and are a fine example of how unique costume jewelry can be.

Jewelry making is a fun hobby that requires few tools and just a little patience.

You can create handmade earrings, pearl earrings, necklaces, brooches etc. to match any outfit.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Dangle Earrings Make 2 alike.

Materials: Craft glue, paper clip, earring wires, length of trim [available from Spotlight or any craft shop], gold earring wire and extension [shown above], pliers with pointed ends.

Measurements: Approximately 6m [2.5ins] long.

Begin by cutting a length of trim [4 dangle pieces wide] between dangle pieces, fold edges in and glue down.

Fold edges in twice more from each side, glue, slide paper clip over to hold in place. When dry, fold top half of ribbon down, glue down using paper clip to hold in place.

Place earring extension in place over ribbon with 2 dangle pieces on each side. Using pliers, gently squeeze together.

You will probably have to use your pliers to gently reposition the loop on the earring wire so that your dangle earring faces the right way when you wear it.

Hook extension through loop on earring wire. Squeeze loop together.

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