"How to make a Fringe"

A fringe is probably the most popular edging to be applied to a crochet scarf, knitted scarf, valentine scarf, blue scarf, afghan rug, granny square rug, baby shawl, poncho and pillows. Most likely because it is very quick and easy to make, and gives such an elegant finish to so many different designs. It can also cover up the sometimes unsightly end rows of a scarf, rug or blanket.

Fringing can be multi-colored. An easy way to make use of all those left over short pieces of yarn. Add multi-colored fringing to a plain colored blanket or rug, scarf or shawl, or use many colors in the edging to pick up all the various hues you've included in your creation. A variety of different effects may be achieved simply by alternating the color of each bunch of fringing.


Desired weight yarn, suitable size crochet hook, scissors, tape measure.


To begin, cut 3 strands of yarn 35cm [14ins] long, and lay them side by side, as below.

Fold the strands of yarn in half and using your crochet hook, pull the strands through your edge stitch from front to back [as shown below].

Now hook the strands and pull them through the loop. Tighten fringing by pulling the strands away from your design.

You can adjust the length of your fringing by making the strands of yarn shorter. You can use more strands of yarn to create a fuller bulkier effect. Decide on the effect you would like to create depending on how it will suit the design you’ve chosen to finish with fringing.

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