Many codes of football are played in the world.

AFL [Australian Football League] began in Australia 150 years ago, when an Australian returned from Great Britain with an idea for a game to keep cricketers fit during the winter months.

Two major leagues of football are now played, League and Union.

League is the most popular in Australia, Britain and France.

It is played to a lesser degree in the USA.

Gridiron is more popular in the USA. Some aspects of the games are very different, however the greatest similarity is the ball used to play American football.

The pattern shown above is easy to make and will thrill any budding player, no matter which code is the most popular in your area.

My design is based on the colors of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League team. You may vary this to suit whichever club you support.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Broncos Football Pattern

Make 2 halves alike.


Materials: 50 grams Maroon 8 ply synthetic yarn, small amounts white and yellow synthetic 8 ply yarn, 5.00 mm crochet hook, fiber fill.

Tension: First 4 rounds - 3cm [1.25ins]

Stitches: Chain, Treble, Double Crochet, Slip Stitch, Increase, Decrease.

Begin in Maroon, by working 4ch and joining with a ss to form a ring.

1st Round: Work 3ch, 13ttr into ring, join with a ss into 3rd of 3ch.

2nd Round: Work 2ch, 1dc in each st.

Working in continuous rounds:

3rd - 11th Round: Work inc 4 times evenly.

12th Round: * Work dec over 1st 2sts, 1dc into next st. Repeat from *, finishing with a ss into 1st dec. Fasten off.

13th Round: Join white yarn and work 1 round of dc. Do not fasten off.

14th - 15th Round: Join yellow and work 2 rounds of dc. Fasten off.

Stuff both halves with fiber fill

16th Round: Drag white yarn up and join 2 halves together by working a round of dc through both edges, checking as you go that you have used enough stuffing. Fasten off.

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