"Equivalency Tables - Terms and Hooks"

I have included these Equivalency Conversion Tables to make it easy for all crocheters to enjoy patterns from all over the world. Because of the differing terminology used between countries, it can sometimes be confusing reading a crochet pattern that was written by a person of a nationality other than your own.

By using this table, you can substitute the corresponding terms and hook that you’re used to working with, and you’re ready to go!

In crochet it is essential to get the correct gauge. This ensures that your finished project will be the same size as the original. It is advisable to work a sample piece at least four rows long. This allows you to check the gauge and choose a different size hook if necessary. You also get an idea of how the finished stitches will look, if you like the effect, and if you're comfortable working them.

Crochet Hook Compatibility

2.5 B/1 12
3 C/2 11
3.25 D/3 10
3.5 B/4 9
4 F/5 8
4.5 G/6 7
5 H/8 6
5.5 I/9 5
6 J/10 4
7 K/10.25 2

Terminology Translation

U.S.A. Terms U.K. Terms
Slip Stitch [sl] Single Crochet [sc]
Single Crochet [sc] Double Crochet [dc]
Half Double Crochet [hdc]Half Treble Crochet [htr]
Double Crochet [dc]Treble Crochet [tr]
Treble Crochet [tr]Double Treble [dtr]
Double Treble Crochet [dtr] Triple Treble [triptr]

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