"Crochet Toys"

Crochet toys are a lot of fun to create and make the perfect gift for a baby or small child.

Soft and cuddly with no sharp edges or removable pieces to swallow, they are safe and very appealing.

Crochet toys are fully washable which is a big plus when the owner is a baby.

You can even make crocheted cupcakes for a kitchen decoration or as a cute addition to a baby gift basket.

Knitted toys are just as lovely. The knitted ball shown left was given to my daughter when she was a baby. The ball is worked in the colors of the Brisbane Broncos football team. You could create a ball to support any team. My daughter learned to throw and catch with this one. It was easy for small fingers to grasp and could be thrown around inside my house without fear of damaging anything.

This cute white rabbit with her pretty pink dress shown right, will be instantly loved by any little girl. Dress a bunny rabbit in a shirt and pants, or bow tie for a little boy.

My galah hand puppet shown top of page, was inspired by my pet galah cockatoo, “George”. He’s finally proven to be good for something more than getting into mischief. George is an Australian native parrot known as a galah, or rose cockatoo. He is just as intelligent as he is beautiful.

We also share our Australian bush with a large assortment of reptiles. The snake pictured left, is an example of one of these. “Peter,” is a diamond python snake. He is not a venomous snake. He dines on vermin and small animals.

This pretty butterfly is fun to play with, and she may also be used to decorate a sweater. If a clip is attached to the under side of her body, she can be worn as a hair accessory.

The octopus picture shown at left, is a red octopus called "Ozzie". An unusual and interesting gift for a child of any age.

Click on the links above for free patterns.

If you would like to learn how to crochet quickly and easily, my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book gives complete step by step instructions and photographs to help you master this beautiful craft, along with tips and information on caring for your finished projects so you may have years of enjoyment from them. HAPPY CROCHETING!

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