"Cricket Ball"

Here is my free cricket ball pattern.

Millions of cricket fans the world over would love to inspire the next generation with this soft toy.

Teach small children to catch, and foster an interest in this very popular sport.

The cricket game is a team sport established hundreds of years ago.

Today it is one of the most popular sports in the world.

My crochet cricket ball is fast and easy to make and suitable for a beginner. It is worked in synthetic yarn and so is easily laundered in your washing machine.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Cricket Ball Pattern

Make 2 halves alike.

Materials: 8 ply maroon yarn, 3.5mm hook, white 8 ply yarn, darning needle, fiber fill.

Measurements: Circumference – approximately 24.5 cm [9.75 ins].

Tension: First 3 rounds – approximately 3.75 cm [1.5 ins].

Stitches: Chain, Slip Stitch, Treble, Backstitch.

Begin by working 3ch and joining with a ss to form a ring.

1st Round: Work 3ch, 13tr into ring, join with a ss into 3rd of 3ch.

2nd Round: Work 3ch, 2tr into next tr, * 1tr into next tr, 2tr into next tr. Repeat from * to end, finishing with 1ss into 3rd of 1st 3ch.

3rd Round: Work as 2nd Round.

4th Round: Work 3ch, *1tr into each tr. Repeat from * finishing with 1ss into 3rd of 1st 3ch.

5th Round: Work as 2nd Round.

Using darning needle threaded with white yarn, work 3 rows of backstitch around edge, approximately .5 cm [.25 ins] in.

Stuff both halves with fiber fill. Adjust the amount of filling as you join the two halves together.

Using darning needle threaded with maroon yarn, join the two halves together with a flat seam.

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