"Computer Bag"

My computer bag pattern is an ideal travel bag to house your laptop. It will protect from the sun, dust, scratches, even shock to a certain degree.

This computer tote is worked in afghan crochet stitch, making a closely woven, strong, thick fabric.

The handles are twisted cords, and are firmly attached to the inside of the computer bag.

The pattern may be adjusted to accommodate varying sized laptops – either by making the squares larger, or by working a border of double crochet around the edge after you’ve joined the six square motifs together. You would then need to adjust the length of the side and base panels accordingly.

This style of crochet lends itself very well to embroidery, appliqué, decoration with flower motifs and monogramming.

Create a personalized computer tote by monogramming your initial on the front.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Computer Bag Pattern

Materials: 100g 8ply white yarn 3.50mm afghan crochet hook, 50g 8ply pink yarn, 100g 8 ply burgundy yarn, 3.50 crochet hook.

Measurements: Approximately 24cm [9.5ins] high [excluding handles, 30cm [12] wide. Side and base panels are approximately 3.5cm [1.5ins] wide.

Tension: First 4 rows – approximately 2.5cm [1ins], each afghan motif measures 12cm deep x 10cm wide.

Stitches: Afghan Crochet Stitch, Double crochet, Decrease.

Work 6 white, 3 pink and 3 bergundy motifs.

To begin, cast on 20sts.

Work in afghan crochet stitch until work measures 12cm [4.75 ins], 20 rows. Fasten off.

With wrong sides facing, arrange motifs in pattern and join together with a row of dc. Join top row of 3 motifs, then bottom row of 3 motifs, then join rows together with 1 row of dc through center.

Side Panels – Make 2 alike.

Cast on 46sts in burgundy and work 7 rows of afghan crochet stitch.

Base Panel

Cast on 55sts in burgundy and work 7 rows of afghan crochet stitch.

With right sides facing, join side panels to base panel [one side panel on each end of base panel] with single rows of dc.

With wrong sides facing, pin edge of this panel to edge of front and back panels, placing joins of base and side panels at lower corners of front and back panels.

Beginning at left top corner of computer bag, work a round of dc through both edges of side and base panels on one side. When you reach the top edge of your laptop tote, work along one side of top edge separately, across top of side panel, along other top edge, then continue to join other side of bag as before, finishing with 1ss into 1st dc.

** Work in dc across top of side panel, then work * 1dc in dc, dec. Repeat from * to top of other side panel. Repeat from ** finishing with 1ss into 1st dc. Fasten off.


Make 2 twisted cords each 20cm long.

From inside of travel bag, thread handle between sts at corner of center motif [below edging]. Thread back to inside through other corner of center motif, and knot.

You may prefer to monogram your tote bag, or decorate with sequins or beads.

If you enjoy making your own bags, I also have free patterns for drawstring bags, sunflower tote, and afghan shoulder tote.

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