"Coin Purse Crochet"

Here are perhaps the easiest, quickest and cutest projects one can create! A coin purse is something anyone can make use of.

Keep just the right amount of change for that toll bridge you have to cross to go to work, correct change for the parking meter or payphone.

The best use I’ve found is for children’s tuck shop money. They may be carried in a pocket or slipped into a pencil case or even hung from a key chain.

A key ring may be threaded through the corner stitches and then attached to a belt.

Match one of these designs to a larger purse or handbag pattern. What an elegant useful gift set to hand a friend.

The red heart design pictured above in the lower left corner, would make a thoughtful valentine gift. Every time it is used, it serves as a reminder of a happy valentine day!

The afghan style with the daisy flower motif pictured above in the lower right corner, matches my afghan shoulder bag pattern. A monogram initial could be substituted for the daisy motif for a more personalized touch.

The pink design shown above right, matches my pink flower purse pattern and is very popular with little girls.

The black beaded design pictured above in the top left corner, matches my handmade purse pattern and is the smallest of all these designs.

For more patterns, go to my Drawstring Crochet page.

If you would like to learn how to crochet quickly and easily, my “CROCHET MADE EASY” e-book gives complete step by step instructions and photographs to help you master this beautiful craft, along with tips and information on caring for your finished projects so you may have years of enjoyment from them. HAPPY CROCHETING!

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