"Crochet Butterfly Pattern"

This pretty crochet butterfly will look beautiful adorning a scarf, sweater, tote bag, afghan shoulder bag hat, afghan rug, baby blanket, or adult's and children’s slippers.

It will also enhance a baby comforter set. Crochet butterflies look lovely settled on a pillow or quilt.

What an attractive mobile could be made with several crochet butterflies in various shades dangling above baby’s cot.

They are quick and easy to make, and another project that can be created from scraps of left over yarn.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Crochet Butterfly Pattern

Materials: Small amounts pink and black 8ply yarn, 5.00mm crochet hook, 2.00mm crochet hook, sequins, sewing needle and matching thread.

Measurements: Wingspan – 10.5cm [4.25ins], 8cm [3.25ins] deep overall.

Stitches: Chain, Double Crochet, Slip Stitch, Increase, Decrease, Puff Stitch.


Make 2.

Begin with pink yarn and 5.00mm crochet hook, and work 6ch.

1st Row: Work 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc into each of next 4ch. Turn.

2nd Row: Work inc, 1dc into each on next 3dc, inc. Turn.

3rd Row: Work inc, 1dc into each of next 5dc, inc. Turn.

4th Row: Work inc, 1dc into each of next 7dc, inc. Turn.

5th Row: Work inc, 1dc into each of next 7dc, leave last 3sts. Turn.

6th Row: Work 1dc into each of next 9dc. Turn.

7th Row: Work dec, 1dc into each of next 5dc, dec. Turn.

8th Row: Work dec, 1dc into each of next 3dc, dec. Turn.

9th Row: Work dec, 1dc into next dc, dec. Turn.


Using black yarn and 5.00mm crochet hook, work 3ch, 1dc in 1st of 3ch

With wrong sides facing, and beginning at rear end, join butterfly wings together with a row of dc.

Work 3ch, 1 puff st [head], change to 2.00 crochet hook, ss under body to keep head in place, 8ch, 2dc in 2nd ch from hook. Fasten off.

Re-attach yarn to last ss under body, work 2nd feeler as 1st. Fasten off.

Decorate with sequins, or beads if you prefer.

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