"Bow Making"

Bows may be used to decorate everything from hair to crochet hanger patterns, so lots of people need to know how to make them.

Gift wrap your Christmas and Valentine gifts.

Loops and trailing ribbons usually belong to the world of floristry rather than the realm of crochet or knitting. However there are times when this accessory can add just the right finishing touch to projects in this branch of arts and crafts too.

There are several different designs used in floristry, and quite a few variations on these.

The ruffle type shown above is very often used on gifts or baskets as well as around the stems of a bouquet.

The most basic type to make is a florist’s or figure eight design, shown below left.

The design shown at right is a variation on a basic figure eight. It is also the basis for a wedding pew bow.

If you would like to learn how to make the designs shown above, it is really quite simple. Once you learn the basic figure eight, the variations on this design have many applications.

Girl's hair accessories can be made by attaching one to an elastic hair tie, or by sliding a hair pin through the center loop.

These designs may be created using florist's ribbon as shown here, or from nylon knitting ribbon, or stiffened cloth. They can be used to decorate coat hangers, baby clothes, sweaters, scarves, slippers and shawls.

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