"Beach Crochet"

Beach Crochet encompasses a very wide range of projects that are as simple or intricate as you choose to make them. When anyone mentions Crochet, most people think of rugs, garments, or home decorating, but let’s not forget the many and varied applications relating to the outdoors.

How about a hammock and matching beach bag? All kinds of backpacks and mesh bags are very popular these days. With conservation in mind, mesh bags can be crocheted from all kinds of materials, not just wool. Colored plastic string, plastic bags cut into strips, strips of cloth, nylon ribbon, leather thonging, to name just a few.

Transport your wet swimmers and towels from the pool. These handy holdalls scrunch up very small to fit in your handbag and then expand to transport your fruit and vegetables home from the store. Hang one in the nursery to hold baby products, or in the bathroom for plastic bath toys. How many bags can simply be thrown in the washing machine when they become soiled?

Crocheted swimwear is all the craze. Bikinis, one piece swimsuits, hats, hipster scarves to cover swimwear, tank tops & halter tops can all be worked in a variety of colors and materials to suit any taste. Crochet bikinis worked in natural cotton fibre are cool and comfortable to wear and easy to launder and store. Decorate your Crocheted Bikini with motifs or beads for a truly original finish. Finish your ensemble with a matching headband or hair scrunchie!

Hipster Scarf Cover Ups made from lightweight cloth can be stylishly finished with a crocheted edge, beads and fringing or tassels.

Crochet Made Easy shows all the stitches and techniques required to create any of these designs. Step by step directions and illustrations make mastering this versatile craft very easy. More information on my e-book contents page.

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