"Baby Crochet Patterns"

Baby Crochet Patterns, crochet hats, crochet toys, baby crochet hanger patterns, knitted hangers, blankets & booties, that are made by hand are made with love. Baby will need these things from his/her first few weeks. The art of crochet is a very soothing hobby you can do while awaiting the arrival of your new addition. The relaxing rhythm of creating stitches can calm even the most frazzled nerves. If you're one of those people [like me], who can't stand to sit idle, crochet is a wonderful way to let your body get some rest and not feel like you’re wasting time. You can sit in front of the television with your feet up and create something beautiful and functional without it feeling like work.

Take your hook and yarn along with you when you travel. It's a great way to make road trips, train travel, plane rides etc. pass more quickly. You'll have to use plastic hooks if you're using public transport.

Of course you don't have to be pregnant yourself to benefit from learning how to crochet. The benefits are many and varied. Many sufferers of arthritis have used crochet as a form of physical therapy. The constant movement required, helps keep the hands limber and stops the joints from stiffening up. Imagine the delight your friend or relative will feel when you present them with the beautiful gift of a crochet baby pattern, crocheted hat, monogram blanket, crochet hangers or booties, that you’ve taken the time and effort to create especially for them. What gift would be more appreciated than something unique that was crafted with love?

Crocheted Hats
are very useful especially for newborns.If the baby is premature, particular care is taken to prevent the loss of body heat. Crocheted hats are excellent for this. They are soft, comfortable, protective, and do a really good job of keeping the child warm. Crocheted hats are easy and inexpensive to make. A hook, a ball of yarn, and ‘CROCHET MADE EASY’ to give instructions on how to create the stitches, and you’re all set!

Crocheted Blankets and lace shawls are some of the most useful gifts a newborn can receive. The blanket can be transferred from pram to cot to floor, or to wrap your bundle of joy in to keep him/her snug and warm. Crochet baby patterns are many and varied. From blankets created by joining many motifs together, to those created in one piece, like the blanket in the picture shown here. My baby crochet pattern blanket is crocheted using 100% nylon 3ply baby yarn. This yarn is easy to care for, very soft, and lends itself very well to hat, blanket and booties patterns. Feel free to vary the color of the yarn to suit a boy or a girl. You can also work this blanket in different colored stripes if you wish, or with a different colored edge. Decorate with a crochet butterfly to finish.

My Crocheted Booties are quick and easy to make. They are worked in the same yarn as my other baby crochet patterns. I have made a twisted cord to thread through at the ankles instead of ribbon. You may use ribbon if you wish, however I find ribbon bows tend to come undone quite easily, resulting in booties slipping off baby’s feet and being lost.

More free crochet baby patterns available on my afghan baby crochet page. For some handy patterns to hold your baby accessories, go to my Drawstring Bag Crochet Page.

Hope you enjoy these patterns. If you would like to learn how to make my baby crochet patterns, as well as many other forms of crochet, you may purchase my e-book “CROCHET MADE EASY” by CLICKING HERE. More information on my e-book contents page.


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