"Afghan Baby Bib Pattern"

This pretty afghan baby bib pattern is made in 3ply synthetic baby yarn, then decorated with crocheted flowers. The afghan [Tunisian crochet] stitch is very effective for bibs because the fabric created with this stitch is thick and the pattern is dense [no spaces]. Good for catching every spill and dribble.

You can also cross-stitch designs over Tunisian stitch for an attractive effect. If you choose to decorate your afghan baby bib pattern this way, you will need a darning needle with a blunt end, to work your cross-stitch design. Standard cross-stitch, where the needle goes through the fabric to the back and then back through the fabric to the front, can create an untidy back to your bib. Instead carefully slide your needle under the two horizontal strands of the tunisian stitch near the surface of your work. This will stop the yarn showing on the back. Check regularly as you work to make sure that nothing is showing.

If the terminology used in this afghan baby bib pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

My afghan baby bib pattern is quite simple to make. If you are a beginner and need help learning the stitches, see my e-book “CROCHET MADE EASY”. More information on my e-book contents page.


Materials: 1 ball each pink and white 3ply synthetic baby yarn, 3.5 mm afghan crochet hook.

Begin by working 36ch in pink.

Work 26 rows in Tunisian crochet stitch.

26th Row: Work over the 1st 12 stitches to neck edge, then decrease 1 stitch every 2nd row, 3 times.

On the 3rd row dec. 1 stitch at outside edge as well.

Work other side to match, skipping 10 stitches in the middle of the row to form the neck. Block bib to finished measurement.

Using contrast color[white], work 1 row of dc around entire edge.

Make ties: Crochet 2 lengths of chain approximately 20cm [8ins.] long and join at each neck edge.

Flowers for decoration: Work 3ch and join with a ss into 1st ch to form a ring.

*3ch, 1tr into ring, 3ch, 1ss into ring, 5 times. Fasten off leaving enough yarn to sew flower onto bib, approximately 13cm [5ins]. Pull thread through center of flower from front to back and thread through darning needle.

Sew flower onto bib, following the above cross-stitching guidelines for keeping the back of your bib neat.

For more free patterns check out my afghan bed rug pattern. "HAPPY CROCHETING"

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