"Here Are A Few Things About Me"

Hello, my name is Michelle. Here is a little background information about me.

I live with my family in a small town in Australia.

I devote myself full time to building my website, having retired from my florist business. The florist shop was totally consuming, being located one hour’s commute from home and requiring my presence at least 9.5 hours [often longer], per day, six and sometimes seven days a week.

This was exhausting mentally as well as physically and left no time for our daughter or recreation.

Before the florist business, my husband worked for many years in a dairy factory [shift work], only to be made suddenly redundant.

I searched the web for a home business that didn’t involve commuting, or cost a fortune to set up. Flexible working hours was important too.

I hadn’t worked for anyone in so long, I wanted self employment and a way to make money at home.

About My Site

The purpose of my website is to share a love of crochet and to offer free information and patterns on our favorite hobby.

Everyone I have discussed my website with always asks how I could create a home based business by giving away free information. Well, not so long ago, I would have wondered the same thing.

I think if there is no pressure on visitors to my website, and they can obtain information and patterns etc. for free, then they will feel comfortable returning again and again. If during one of these visits they see something that interests them, then everyone is a winner!

I’ve become increasingly aware since starting this website, of how much trouble and disappointment one can encounter if you decide to plunge into this kind of thing without any guidance. I’ve read bios of people who’ve had several failed attempts before achieving their goals. Thank goodness I didn’t make that mistake. This is my first website and I’m very happy with the way it’s progressing.

I was very lucky during my internet search to come across a site advertising Solo Build It. This site gave a lot of insight into what’s involved in becoming a successful webmaster.

Anyway, that’s how I ended up here. I have a lot of support from webmasters who’ve “been there and done this”.

That's enough about me.

I hope you find something of value to you as you browse my site.

Kind Regards


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