"Christmas Stocking"

This Christmas stocking will be appreciated by every member of the family.

The time honored family tradition of hanging a red stocking up the night before, and waking on Christmas morning to discover the surprises left inside, has provided excitement for generations!

You may personalize them with each individual’s initial if you wish, or decorate with festive motifs like my star, tree, or Xmas gift motif.

If the terminology used in this pattern differs from what you're used to, check my equivalency tables for easy conversion.

Christmas Stocking Pattern

Materials: Main Color – 100g ball 8ply red yarn, 50g ball 8ply white yarn, 5.00mm crochet hook.

Measurements: Approximately 38cm [15ins] high, approximately 28.5cm [11.25ins] wide.

Tension: First 3 rows – approximately 4cm [1.5ins]

Stitches: Treble, Chain, Puff stitch, Increase, Decrease.

Work 2 halves alike.

Begin by working 40ch.

1st Row: Work 1tr into 3rd ch from hook, 1tr in each ch to end. Turn.

2nd Row: Work 3ch, inc. in 1st tr, 1tr in each tr to end. Turn.

3rd Row: Work 3ch, 1tr into each tr to end, inc in last st. Turn.

4th & 5th Row: Work 3ch, tr in next st to end. Turn.

6th Row: Work 3ch, dec, 1tr in each tr to end. Turn.

7th Row: Work as 3ch, 1tr in each tr to last 2 tr remain, dec. Turn.

8th Row: Work as 6rd row.

9th Row: Work as 7th row.

10th Row: Work as 6th Row.

11th Row: Work as 7th Row.

12th Row: Work as 6th Row.

13th Row: Work 3ch, 1tr into each of next 22tr. Turn.

14th – 29th Row: Work as 13th Row.

Place 2 halves together and work 1 round of dc through both pieces to join, working 3dc into heel corner. Fasten off.

Attach white to sp between any 2tr on last row.

1st Round: Work [1 puff st, 1ch] into every 2nd sp around top edge of red stocking, join with ss into top of 1st puff st.

2nd & 3rd Round: Work 1ss into sp between 1st 2 puff sts, 3ch, complete puff st, * 1ch, 1 puff st into sp between next 2 puff sts. Repeat from * to end finishing with 1ch, 1ss into top of 1st puff st. Fasten off.

Make a twisted cord approximately 40cm [15.75ins] long and attach each end to one inside seam of your Christmas stocking with a knot.

For another nice touch to your Xmas decor, try my Santa napkin holder, and Xmas bell.

My festive scarf makes an excellent stocking stuffer!

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